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Copy of Spathiphyllum – Domino

Common Name: Peace Lily Spathiphyllum is a medium to large sized peace lily with dark foliage, large white upright flowers, which stand above the leaves. Spathiphyllum  is native to South America and thrives in humid shady climates. Plant in sheltered position, avoid direct sunlight. Water regularly until established, usually around 12 weeks. Protect from frost and …

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Callistemon – Fluro Burst

As a medium-sized native shrub, Callistemon – Fluro Burst boasts green foliage and eye-catching hot pink bottlebrush flowers that bloom during spring and summer. This drought and frost tolerant plant thrives in full sun to part shade with well-drained soils. It typically reaches a height of 1.5m, making it an ideal choice for native gardens, …

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Westringia Fruticosa – Flat n Fruity

Common Name: Coastal Rosemary Naturally tidy prostrate Westringia with grey-green foliage and white flowers. Useful for erosion control and as a groundcover. May also be grafted as a weeping standard. Grows approx 10cm tall x 1m wide.

Liriope Muscari – Isabella

Common Name: Monkey Grass, Border Grass, Lily Turf This fine leaf compact spreading Liriope has beautiful pink flowers and is a one mow per year lawn alternative. Isabella® Liriope is a better border than Mondo as it performs better in full sun, drought and frost. It also recovers better from damage. Plant 6 per square …

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Westringia Fruticosa – Bulli Creeper

Command Name: Coastal Rosemary Westringia Fruticosa, or Bulli Creeper, is a small creeping plant that boasts beautiful white flowers and grey-green foliage. Its blooms are abundant in spring and continue to appear throughout the year, making it a perfect ground cover for coastal and general gardens.

Pittosporum Tenuifolium – Silver Sheen

Common Name: Silver Sheen Fast, dense foliaged hedge with beautiful variegated silvery green foliage. Ideal for a formal hedge and in narrow spots, it’s tough and can tolerate dry spots and a fair amount of shade. Grows approx 4m tall and 2m wide.

Mandevilla Assorted

Common Name: Rocket Trumpet Mandevilla is a shrub grows 2–3 meters high, or 4.5 meters if the climate is warm. It is able to develop long, woody stems based on lignin and climbs by twining around some support. This twining growth is characterized by long internodes, small leaves and a stem rarely carrying flowers.

Callistemon – Sweet Burst

With its semi-compact fine leaves and pastel pink bottlebrushes, Callistemon – Sweet Burst blooms beautifully in spring. Its compact size makes it a versatile addition to any garden, and native birds are sure to enjoy it as much as you will. Drought-tolerant and able to withstand light frost, this plant thrives in full sun to …

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Festuca glauca Elijah Blue

Tuft-forming perennial with steely blue narrow foliage. Flowers are inconspicuous so use for foliage colour. Great groundcover or edging plant. Can be used as an ornamental lawn.