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Yumaro cardboard and plastic collection service will collect all your business cardboard and clear plastic once a week or more if required. The service cost is no more than a cup of coffee each week – a fraction of the cost of taking it to the tip yourself and far cheaper than the commercial waste companies.

How does it work?

1. We’ll set you up with a bale stand and bag
2. Our friendly team will come by and collect every week or more if required

Yumaro’s Plan Management Process

Contact us to get set up

Choose your NDIS supports

(eg cleaner, in home care, employment etc)

Your NDIS Support Providers Bill Us

We check the bill is accurate

We pay the bill for you!

Need help with the NDIS, register and one of our friendly team will call you back to arrange a consultation.

If you would like to discuss Support Coordination as part of your NDIS Plan, please contact our team:

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6-8 Shelley Road
Moruya Industrial Estate
Moruya NSW 2537

PO Box 607
Moruya NSW 2537

02 4474 3336

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