Beschorneria yuccoides

Common Name: Mexican Lily Sun Requirements: Beschorneria yuccoides thrives in full sun to partial shade. It prefers a location with good sunlight exposure, especially in cooler climates. Soil: Plant Beschorneria yuccoides in well-draining, sandy or loamy soil with good moisture retention. It prefers slightly acidic to neutral soil pH levels. Ensure the soil is well-draining to […]

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Rhipsalis spp.

These plants usually grow perched upon trees, though some species grow on rocks or in the ground. The branching succulent stems are commonly pendulous or erect and can be cylindrical, angular, or flattened. A few species have short bristly spines, while many lack them altogether or are armed only when young. After flowering, the plants

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Aloe Supreme Orange

Common Name: Hybrid Aloe Sun Requirements: Thrives in full sun but can tolerate partial shade. Full sun exposure helps intensify the flower color and promotes healthy growth. Planting: Best planted in spring or early summer. Prefers well-drained, sandy or gravelly soil. Ideal for cactus or succulent mix to ensure proper drainage. Watering: Water deeply but

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Succulents spp. Assorted

Our assorted succulents are great for starting a water wise succulent garden or planting a succulent bowl as a beautiful feature piece in your garden . Succulents require well draining soil and grow best if the soil if dried out in between waterings. Most succulents do require at least a few hours of sun every

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