Alpinia Nutans Dwarf

Common Name: Shell Ginger Sun Requirements: Prefers partial shade but can tolerate full sun in cooler, humid climates. In hotter areas, protection from intense midday sun is crucial to prevent leaf scorch. Planting: Best planted in the spring. Thrives in rich, moist, well-drained soil. It also adapts well to various soil types but performs best […]

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Woolly Bush Adenanthos cunninghamii ‘Lighthouse’

Common Name: Lighthouse Woolly Bush Adenanthos cunninghamii is an alluring and distinctively Australian shrub. Renowned for its unique appearance and hardy nature, this evergreen plant belongs to the Proteaceae family. Thriving in well-drained soil and full sun to partial shade, ‘Lighthouse’ showcases its fine, needle-like leaves that give it a soft and feathery texture. The foliage is

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Osteospermum Assorted

Osteospermum, also known as African daisy or Cape daisy, is a popular genus of sun-loving, drought-tolerant flowering plants native to South Africa. They come in a variety of colors and bloom profusely, making them ideal for gardens, borders, and containers. With their hardiness and adaptability to different soil types, Osteospermum is a top choice for

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Agonis Flexuosa – Burgundy

Common Name: Willow Myrtle Sun Requirements: Thrives in full sun to partial shade, with full sun promoting the richest burgundy foliage color. Planting: Best planted in autumn or spring. Prefers well-drained, sandy soil but is adaptable to a variety of soil types, including clay, provided they are well-drained. Watering: Water regularly during the first growing

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Juniperus Conferta

Common Name: Shore Juniper or Japanese Garden Juniper Juniperus conferta, also known as Shore Juniper or Japanese Garden Juniper, is a compact and evergreen shrub that is prized for its ground-hugging growth habit. Originating from Japan, it makes an excellent ground cover or erosion controller due to its dark green needle-like foliage and ability to withstand

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Bougainvillea Bambino

Common Name: Dwarf Bougainvillea Sun Requirements: Bougainvillea ‘Bambino’ thrives in full sun. It requires a location with at least 6 to 8 hours of direct sunlight each day to produce abundant blooms. Soil: Plant Bougainvillea ‘Bambino’ in well-draining soil with good aeration. A sandy loam soil enriched with organic matter works well. Ensure the soil is

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