Feijoa sellowiana

Hardy, evergreen, medium-tall shrub with leathery leaves and clusters of red flowers. Heavy crops of bright green fruit are produced in autumn. Ideal for hedges and screens. The sweet fruit can be eaten raw or used for jam, jellies and chutney. Height to 4m.

Michelia Coco

Michelia Coco (Michelia figo) is a beautiful evergreen shrub with lush green, glossy, medium sized foliage and masses of scented creamy-white blooms maturing to a mottled pink. Perfect as a screening/hedging plant or great in planter pots. Prefers a sheltered sunny position in the garden with a well drained, moist, fertile soil in a sunny …

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Photinia x fraserii – Black Jack PBR

Fast growing evergreen shrub with glossy green foliage and attractive deep maroon coloured new growth. White flowers are produced in spring followed by red berries. Grows approx 4m tall x 1.5m wide. Widely used for screening.

Syzygium Luehmannii

Common Name: Lilly Pilly Grown both as an ornamental plant and as a Bush Tucker plant, Syzygium luehmannii is commonly called the Riberry Lillpilly. This a tree with dense foliage, mid to deep green, amazing new pink foliage in late winter to spring and fluffy white flowers in summer. The flowers are followed by masses …

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Grevillea Cherry Pie 200 mm (1054-333)

Medium dense upright shrub with soft linear foliage; large bunches of showy waxy red-pink flowers in winter-spring, and sporadically during the year. An excellent screen plant for home gardens or parklands. Suitable for cool temperate to sub tropical & semi arid climates, in well drained clay loams or sandy soils.

Rhaphiolepis Indica PBR – Snow White

The Indian Hawthorn plant, also known as Rhaphiolepis indica, is a versatile and popular ornamental shrub with glossy, dark green leaves, fragrant flowers, and adaptability to various growing conditions. It is commonly used in gardens, landscapes, and as a hedge or border plant. With regular pruning, it can maintain a tidy and compact shape.