Alocasia – Pink Princess

Common Name: Pink Princess Alocasia plants belong to the Araceae family and are rhizomatous or tuberous, perennial flowering plants with broad leaves. Pink Princess prefers arid conditions. Applying additional humidity or misting can lead to excess moisture on leaves, which can promote the growth of harmful fungi. Make sure to choose a potting soil that

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Fittonia spp. Assorted

Common Name: Nerve Plant Fittonia spp. Assorted is a species commonly used as a potted plant, with spreading evergreen perennial growth and uniquely delicate veined, deep green, ovate leaves. While the preferred vein color is typically silver-white, there are also many readily available varieties featuring red, pink, white, and green veins.

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Osteospermum Assorted

Osteospermum, also known as African daisy or Cape daisy, is a popular genus of sun-loving, drought-tolerant flowering plants native to South Africa. They come in a variety of colors and bloom profusely, making them ideal for gardens, borders, and containers. With their hardiness and adaptability to different soil types, Osteospermum is a top choice for

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Prostanthera spp.

Common Name: Mint Bushes Prostanthera spp. or Mint Bushes, are aromatic evergreen shrubs native to Australia. They have fragrant leaves, showy tubular flowers, and a compact growth habit, making them popular in gardens, borders, and containers. Their uses include ornamental planting and as an aromatic herb for culinary purposes.

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