low growing native

Banksia Robur

Common Name: Swamp Banksia Banksia is a genus of woody shrubs and trees native to Australia. It belongs to the family Proteaceae and is renowned for its distinctive flower spikes and unique foliage. Banksia flowers are unique and often feature a cylindrical or bottlebrush-shaped spike composed of numerous individual flowers grouped together. The genus Banksia is diverse, …

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Banksia Ericifolia – Red Form

Banksia is a diverse group of woody shrubs and trees native to Australia. There are over 170 recognized species in the genus, and they are known for their distinctive inflorescences or flower spikes. The leaves of Banksia species vary widely in shape and size. They can be serrated or lobed and are typically leathery and often have …

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Banksia Birdsong

Common Name: Banksia This eye-catching Western Australian dwarf banksia has bright yellow flowers in spring and summer. These lovely flowers are native bird attracting, bringing bird-song to the garden. The foliage consists of linear leaves 20-30cm long and 3cm wide which are deeply serrated and olive green in colour.  Preferring light well-drained sandy soil in open …

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Banksia Serrata – Pygmy Possum

Banksia serrata, commonly known as Old Man Banksia or Saw Banksia, is a native Australian tree that belongs to the family Proteaceae. It is a medium to large tree with a distinctive and gnarled trunk, giving it a unique and characteristic appearance. The flowers of Banksia serrata can vary in colour, typically ranging from pale yellow to …

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Banksia Integrifolia Compact

An evergreen, compact, medium tree ideal for well drained, sandy soils. Yellow brush like flowers produced from autumn to spring are ideal as cut flowers or for dried arrangements. A hardy native, suitable for coastal conditions and attractive to nectar eating birds.