lawn care

Lawnporn Launch+ Professional Fertiliser 1 LTR

Lawnporn Launch+ is designed for the beginning of the growth season, damaged or stressed lawns, and new lawn establishment. It contains elevated nutrient levels and biostimulant Kelp for optimal results. This is a premium fertiliser for starting and repairing lawns.

Lawnporn Green Light Fertiliser 1 LTR

Green Light is a foliar fertiliser that promotes vibrant and vigorous growth in turf. It allows for quick absorption and long-lasting greening effects. Used on famous golf courses and athletic fields, it’s also great for home lawns and any occasion.

Lawnporn Root Builder 1 LTR

Lawnporn Root Builder+ is a high-quality biostimulant made from freshly harvested South African seaweed Ecklonia Maxima. Developed specifically for turf, it contains a proprietary hormone extraction method that results in a perfect ratio of auxins to cytokinins, promoting maximum root growth.

Healthy Earth Lawn Food 10KG

Enhance all types of lawns with the addition of Volcanic Rock Dust and other minerals. The fast-acting formula recommends an application rate of 30 grams per square meter. The 10kg bag covers 300 square meters, the average lawn size. Apply as needed and water in deeply on the days of application. Evenly distribute the product …

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