Arthropodium Cirratum

Common Name: New Zealand rock lily Sun Requirements: Renga Renga Lilies thrive in partial shade to full shade. While they can tolerate some sunlight, they prefer dappled shade or filtered light, especially in warmer climates. Planting: Best planted in spring or autumn. Choose a location with well-drained soil enriched with organic matter. Space plants about 30-45

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Bambusa Textilis Gracilis – Slender Weavers

Common Name: Bamboo or Slender Weavers Sun Requirements: Bambusa textilis ‘Gracilis’ thrives in full sun to partial shade. It prefers a location with good sunlight exposure but can tolerate some shade, especially in hotter climates. Soil: Plant Bambusa textilis ‘Gracilis’ in well-draining, fertile soil with good moisture retention. It prefers slightly acidic to neutral soil

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Common Name: Lawn Grass or Prickly Couch Zoysia grass is native to Asia, Australia, and the Pacific islands, and is commonly found along coastlines and in grasslands. Due to its adaptability and durability, it is a preferred option for fairways and teeing areas on golf courses.  Zoysia thrives in sunny conditions and can tolerate some

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Chlorophytum spp. Assorted

Common Name: Spider Plant Chlorophytum comosum, commonly known as the spider plant or airplane plant, is a popular and easy-to-care-for indoor plant. It is a member of the Asparagaceae family and is native to South Africa. They should be kept out of direct sunlight, as this can scorch their leaves. Well-draining potting mix is suitable for spider

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