Grasses and Strappy Leaf Plants

Anigozanthos – Orange Cross

Common Name: Kangaroo Paw Sun Requirements: Flourishes in full sun. Adequate sunlight is crucial for healthy growth and abundant flowering. Planting: Best planted in spring or early autumn. Opt for well-drained, sandy or loamy soil with a slightly acidic to neutral pH. Ensure good drainage to prevent waterlogging. Watering: Requires regular watering during the growing […]

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Arthropodium Cirratum

Common Name: New Zealand rock lily Sun Requirements: Renga Renga Lilies thrive in partial shade to full shade. While they can tolerate some sunlight, they prefer dappled shade or filtered light, especially in warmer climates. Planting: Best planted in spring or autumn. Choose a location with well-drained soil enriched with organic matter. Space plants about 30-45

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