{Pear – Nashi Nijisseiki 20th Century} Pyrus pyrifolia Bagged (1054-1218)

Common Name: Nashi Pear Pyrus pyrifolia, also known as the Asian Pear, is a deciduous tree native to East Asia. Its juicy, round fruit is similar to apples and comes in different varieties with varying colors, flavors, and textures. Adaptable to different climates and soils, it is commonly grown in home orchards and gardens. Asian

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Nijisseiki – Asian Pear

The Nijisseiki, aka the 20th Century or Shinseiki Pear, is a popular, delicious Asian pear originating from Japan. It has a smooth, yellow-brown skin, sweet flavor, and refreshing crisp texture. The tree is ornamental with silver-gray bark and white blossoms, and is an ideal option for home orchards due to its hardiness and productivity. Proper

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Ficus Carica – Black Genoa

Common Name: Common Fig Ficus carica, is a deciduous shrub or small tree with large lobed leaves and sweet edible fruits. It prefers full sun, well-draining soil, and Mediterranean climates, and requires moderate maintenance, including regular watering, pruning, and occasional fertilization, making it a suitable option for home gardens and orchards due to its ornamental

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